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Travel Aware

Preparing for safe and healthy travel abroad

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Stay safe abroad - Travel Aware

You can help prevent or reduce many problems you might have abroad by taking a few simple precautions and being prepared before you travel.

We're working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to help British nationals stay safe abroad. The FCO website offers straightforward travel advice, top tips and up to date country information to help you plan your holiday.

Before travelling you should:

  • make sure you have valid travel insurance that covers everything you want to do - even if you're only planning a short trip
  • check what vaccinations you need by visiting, your travel health clinic or GP at least six weeks before you travel
  • read up on your destination, including local laws and customs
  • make photocopies of your passport, visas and insurance details and leave a copy with a relative or friend at home

You will also find Travel Aware information on:

  • travel and health advice for specific countries including areas that might be risky to visit, or best avoided altogether (remember you may not be covered by your travel insurance if the FCO advise against travelling to a certain area)
  • information on what the local British Consulate can and can't do to help if you run into problems abroad
  • online checklists for what to do before you set off
  • special precautions for groups such as women, gay and lesbian travellers, gap year students and sports supporters

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