The holiday of the future: where will you be chilling in 2100?

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What does the future hold for thrill seekers, beach bums, technology buffs and eco tourists? We discover our future holidays will be out there in the truest sense.

  • Virtual reality headsets in every hotel
  • Floating resorts could be the answer to overcrowding
  • Will holidays in space become a reality?
In the future, you could be floating on the ocean in a resort, or staying underneath the surface. You could even be travelling the world without leaving your living room. One thing's for sure: travel is about to get a whole lot more 'out there'.  

2025: You'll be going… underwater

'As the world shrinks and long-haul travel experiences become the norm, holidaymakers are going to want more unusual experiences, with extreme tourism set to grow,' says Mark Smith, head of business development at Simplexity Travel.

'A few years ago, for example, underwater hotels were the stuff of science fiction; now they are everywhere from Dubai to Sweden.' 

As underwater hotels become more common, they'll become more affordable, and many of us will be able to experience sleeping with the sea creatures.

Whether under water or not, holidaymakers will have high expectations about the tech they encounter in 2025. Hotel chain Best Western has already showcased some of the tech that could be seen in the hotel of the future, including 3D printers, virtual-reality headsets and digitally-projected keyboards.

'Technology is changing the face of hospitality. In the future, rooms with tables that charge your devices and lights that contain a secure WiFi connection could be the new normal,' says Rob Payne, CEO of Best Western.

Best Western is already using virtual reality to give potential customers a virtual tour of its hotels, but Jamie Lee Abtar, founder of Be Distinctly Different and Your Caribbean, believes technology will soon go even further.

'A big thing in future travel will be virtual-reality destination testing, whereby customers will test their holiday before they buy. You will be able to pop on a headset and go for a stroll on the beach or try out the hotel bath for size,' says Jamie. 

Sleep with the sea creatures in an underwater hotel.

2050: You'll be going… sky high

By 2050, travelling will no longer be considered an uncomfortable way to begin a holiday: it will be a highlight.

Airport Parking and Hotels partnered with specialists in aircraft design at Imperial College London to reveal what air travel could realistically be like in 30 or 40 years. You'll be pleased to know we'll be enjoying 360-degree views of the sky, spacious lounges and seating for up to 1,000 passengers. 

The research shows aircraft are likely to have blended-wing-bodies with larger wings. These would allow for vastly more cabin space, giving everyone lots of legroom, in-flight bars, and separate lounge areas for socialising.

To make up for the reduced number of windows per passenger, LCD screens will mimic windows by displaying the view outside – when they're not playing in-flight entertainment, that is.

These aeroplanes will be propelled by clusters of electric fans powered by small biofuel engines, producing only a tiny fraction of the emissions that present-day aircraft create.

'Through working with Imperial College London, we have been able to create this groundbreaking model of what air travel will look like in 30 years or so. It's very exciting to see what is already set to change in a relatively short time,' says Beverley Barden, head of marketing at Airport Parking and Hotels

Enjoy dinner underwater.

2065: You'll be going… into the middle of the ocean

By 2065, huge floating resorts could become a permanent fixture off the coasts of destinations overrun with tourists. 

'Aside from huge advances in transport technology, I also predict that as resorts become more and more crowded we won’t just see new ones being developed in other coastal areas overseas, but perhaps in the seas themselves,' says Chris Clarkson, travel expert and managing director of

Real estate developer MPD Designs is already ahead of the trend, having designed a floating two-bedroom resort that runs on solar power. If this vision becomes a reality, expect floating resorts to get a whole lot bigger by 2065.

You could be holidaying in the middle of the ocean.

2100: You'll be going… into space

A self-driving car takes you from your future home to the airport, where you board a plane (which by now might be pilotless) and you'll fly, in complete comfort, to your destination in a supersonic time.

Where will you go? Space, of course! Maybe you'll go to a dedicated space hotel and enjoy unrivalled views of planet Earth, or stay on the Moon; or maybe Mars will be top of your bucket list. All are possibilities by 2100 (though you may need to add zero-g and interplanetary policies to your travel insurance).

'I think that Tim Peake becoming the first British astronaut to head to the International Space Station will certainly inspire a number of young Britons to imagine what travelling to space would be like,' said Chris Clarkson. 'With the direction in which technology is heading, it's a very real possibility.'
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