The Peoples Pension

You deserve the best for your retirement - you've earned it

What advice will give you

You can be sure you're in good hands

Getting financial advice needn't be daunting; here's what you'll get

The Advice Process

A better financial future in 4 steps

Step 1: Initial step

We’ll ask you questions about your finances and objectives in retirement

Step 2: Review

We'll do an in depth analysis of your pensions and the possible options

Step 3: Analysis and report

You'll receive a report with all our findings and recommendations which we'll talk you through

Step 4: Completion

Everything falls into place and we complete any administration required and set up any new products for you

Getting advice

We offer advice in two different ways

Speak to an adviser

Telephone advice

Icon of a person wearing a headset

With telephone advice, you'll speak to a pension expert who will get to know you and your retirement goals.

Telephone advice is at its best when:

  • You want the reassurance of talking to a friendly adviser
  • Your pensions are worth over £150,000
  • Or you need advice on a company pension scheme

Our telephone advice is a paid-for service, the cost of which will be explained to you clearly and simply by your adviser before giving you their advice.

If you wish to speak to an adviser, call

0800 032 3258

Retirement Wizard

Online advice

With online advice from Retirement Wizard, you'll be asked the same questions, but you can complete the process in your own time. 

  • The cost of the advice from Retirement Wizard is fixed at £49, reduced from £199 for members of The People's Pension
  • Online advice is for you if your pension is worth between £15,000 and £150,000
  • If you're happy with the recommendations, LV= can help you take care of the whole product set-up process for a cost of only £499
  • If you choose to shop around for yourself, you may need to find a Financial Adviser to implement this for you

Before you get advice

Important documents and details to have ready

These items will help your adviser build a picture of your finances

  • State pension details, including for your partner or spouse if applicable
  • Your pension information, including anything to do with old or lost pensions
  • Personal finance details including; income from all sources, debts, investments including mortgage details and house value if applicable
  • An idea of essential monthly expenditure and future lump sum requirements (a budget calculator is available to help you with your calculations)
  • Specific health and lifestyle details including dates of diagnoses of any conditions and medication taken

Our advice service isn't for you if you're...

  • A non-UK resident or have joint UK/US citizenship
  • Not looking to take any pension savings within
    3 months
  • Wanting advice on a pension pot held in a non-UK registered pension scheme
  • Using a pension pot with any form of Regulatory Protection (Primary, Enhanced, Fixed or Individual)
  • Including a pension pot with a pension sharing/earmarking order as a result of a divorce settlement

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