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Walking: Get fit, have fun

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Man walking with grandson

We do it everyday, yet in all honesty we do not give it much consideration, if any at all. It’s automatic. It’s necessary. It’s a fact of life.

What are we talking about here? Well, walking. Yes, walking. It sounds very mundane, very perfunctory – it basically helps us get from one location to another – but walking really has the potential to transform our lives.

This is extremely true today. Modern life is easy; we have bicycles and skateboards, lifts and escalators, cars and buses, trains and trams and so on. All are very helpful, but bar the first two, require very little physical effort.

Someone, somewhere, once remarked that technology, in making life easier, makes humans lazier. As a consequence of this, we spend less and less time being active and this, in turn, impacts on our health.

Many experts argue that if you want to start taking control of your wellbeing, start with walking. As the NHS states, its ‘simple, free and one of the easiest ways of getting more active, lose weight and become healthier’.

All those benefits can be derived from just walking and isn’t that something? The charity Living Streets, which ‘stands up for pedestrians’, is in agreement with the NHS – walking is a brilliant way of getting into shape and burning calories.

It adds that walking also helps give people a clearer head and fatter wallet (saving on travel fares), reduces your carbon footprint and allows you to discover hidden gems in your area.

It is often said that laughter is the best medicine, and while that is very true in many instances, walking is just as healing as a good giggle. Take it from Hippocrates, who said “walking is man’s best medicine”. The ancient Greek physician knew what he was talking about.

Starting is always the hardest part, but one way of getting inspired is to encourage your partner, family members and friends to walk with you.

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