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Equity Release

Unlock the cash from your home and enjoy a richer retirement

  • Release tax-free cash from your home
  • Access a cash lump sum, a drawdown reserve of cash or both
  • Live in your home throughout your retirement
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Equity release advice

To help decide whether equity release is an option, retired homeowners and their families should:

  • Always seek advice.
  • Ensure they get independent legal advice.
  • Ask for the views of family and any other intended beneficiaries to their will.

When making any important financial decision it is vital to consider all the implications carefully. Taking a lifetime mortgage is no exception.

Legal advice

Before you make a decision on equity release, it's important to speak to an equity release specialist who can help advise you on all your options, based on your individual circumstances. This is why LV= insists all applicants for our lifetime mortgages have had advice from an adviser who is qualified in giving advice on equity release.

If you don't already have a family solicitor you can find one who specialises in equity release by contacting The Equity Release Council, a federation of solicitors who specialise in equity release.

You can find out more at

Talk to your family

It's important that a family's views are sought when considering equity release. Many of those taking out equity release schemes are older, and are often more frail and vulnerable members of society. They can benefit from having a younger relative to guide them through the process.

Children, in particular, need to understand why their parents are considering equity release. After all, it can be expensive, isn’t risk free, and could mean less of an inheritance for them. One of the main complaints made by families of those who have released equity from their homes – usually by taking out a lifetime mortgage against the value of the property – is that they were unaware of their parents’ decision.

Giving the family an insight into the reasons why equity release is being considered will also help them to understand their parents’ motives.

You may be concerned that your family would disapprove of your decision in light of their inheritance being reduced, although some plans may enable you to guarantee an inheritance. Often, the opposite is true, with the majority of people supporting the decision to unlock cash, especially if it means their loved ones can start to enjoy life to the full.

As members of the Equity Release Council we’re bound by their Statement of Principles, a group of safeguards and guarantees that give you confidence in the products we offer and the information you receive.

Call the Equity Release Council on 0844 669 7085 for more information on equity release and how to find a lifetime mortgage specialist adviser near you

Existing customers

If you already have a Lifetime mortgage with us please call:

Call us

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8.30am - 6pm Monday to Friday

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We may record and / or monitor calls for training and audit purposes.

New customers

To start an equity release enquiry, contact your independent financial adviser, or find one specialising in equity release through the Equity Release Council (ERC).

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  • Ensure that products are safe and accessible
  • Set standards and safeguards to protect and reassure you
  • Protects you and works to increase your knowledge so you can make informed decisions
  • Visit the Equity Release Council website

Equity Release Council

We're members of The Equity Release Council, and guarantee no-negative equity on your property so you will never owe more than the property value.

Why choose LV=

  • 5 Star Award for our Equity Release Services from Moneyfacts in 2016 for our Flexible Lifetime Mortgage.

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