What's up, pet?

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We’ve clawed our way through the most frequently asked questions about your pets to try and find some answers to their mysterious ways...

  • Is this normal behaviour for my pet?
  • Do I need to take them to see a vet?
  • Just why are you so weird?

Why's my dog licking me?

Let’s start tame. As you’ve probably noticed, most dogs love a bit of a lick.  There’s a few reasons for this, so don’t terrier yourself up about it. The main reason is just because they love you so much. It actually releases endorphins in their brains that help reassure them, keeping them happy… even if it makes you want to scrub your face! Dogs also might lick you as a form of communication to let you know they want something, like food or water, or just to play a game of fetch.

Why does my cat stare at me? 

“Joey doesn’t share food!”… Unless your cat’s called Joey and it’s your food.
Let’s set the scene. There you are, in the kitchen or at the table. It’s been a long day, glass of red in front of you. You close your eyes, inhale through your nose. You take that wonderful exhaling breath, signifying that, yes – you’ve successfully completed another day as a functioning human. You open your eyes, ready to devour your well-deserved nosh, when in your peripherals, you feel a shape creeping out the shadows. You turn your head, ready to be greeted with a cuddly ‘Hello’, but then all you’re met with is a flat-faced, stern-scathing scowl (picture Snape in any scene), meowtraged with your audacity to consume food in front of your superior.

…This is why your cat is staring at you.


Can dogs get colds

Yes, they can – and not only that, most dogs do. So before you cough up the money to see a vet, it’s probably not much to worry about. A dog-cold actually has a name, called ‘kennel cough’, but don’t worry if your dog hasn’t even been to a kennel before; this cold can be picked up anywhere where other dogs have been and at any time of the year. It usually lasts for about two weeks and often ends with your dog retching. There’s a simple way you can prevent this – by giving them an annual vaccination. Although this generally won’t have any long-term consequence, you might want to talk to your vet if they’re (your dog!) old, have a pre-existing heart or lung condition of if their symptoms are more serious or getting worse.

Why does my cat cry at night?

Before you whisker away to the vet, have a read of this. There are a few reasons for cats crying and it might mean you should take your feline friend to the vet if you’re overly concerned. One of the main reasons for cats crying at night though, is because of emotional stress. It could be that they’re in a new home or it might be that their litter might’ve recently been taken from them. Another reason is because of breeding – they could be on heat at the moment and so you might want to take them to be neutered or spayed. Alternatively, they might be in pain. If you think you’ve got the previous reasons covered, it might be a good idea to take a visit to your vet, even if it’s just for you own peace of mind.

Why does my dog fart so much?

Most people find dogs’ company very warming, and there’s a good reason why…
But if you’re seriously wondering why your dog is acting like a bit of a subwoofer, there may be a few reasons for your concern. The main reason is quite obvious if you think about it. What are farts? They’re just the release of air from the body, so how is so much air getting into their bodies to begin with? Well, they’re swallowing it when they’re eating, particularly if they eat their food fast.

There are other reasons for the creation of so much excess smelly air. You might be feeding your dog either human food, or poor-quality dog food, which means their enzymes can’t break down the food causing gassiness.
It’s not always a big deal and lots of dogs fart, but if it’s happening consistently and/or getting worse, contact your vet. There are a few potential nasty illnesses it could be related to, so it’s always better to err on the side of caution.


Why does my cat headbutt me?

Ever been purr-plexed as to why your cat seemingly beelines your leg headfirst? This one’s quite a simple one compared with the others. It’s because your cat wants to spread their scent from glands in their cheeks, forehead and chin. You won’t be able to detect it but it’ll tell other felines of your cat’s presence; a warning to essentially back-off. It’s actually a very special sign. Along with looking very cute when they do it, they’re also letting you know that you’re in their ‘inner circle’ and that they trust you.

Why does my dog eat poo?

Spaniels, Labradors, Terriers and Shih Tzu’s are just some breeds of dog that like to do this. Like our other FAQs above, there are a few reasons for this. It might be that your dog’s recently had a litter. Female dogs (fortunately unlike humans) often eat the poo of their young to keep the house/den tidy. It can also provide them with certain nutrients they lose through feeding their puppies.

There are other reasons, too. They might not be feeling well and so want to get those nutrients back in their body, in which case, it’s worth talking to your vet about this. Sometimes, dogs might eat their own poo if they’re feeling anxious or they’re scared they’re going to be punished for defecating in the house – a way to hide the evidence. Lastly, it could just be that they want your attention through lack of engagement. If this is the case, give your pet a pet.

Why does my cat dribble?

One of two reasons for this one. Firstly, some cats dribble because they’re just feline happy. Take it as a compliment – you’ve successfully mastered owning a cat! Alternatively, the physiology of your cat’s jaw and tongue might mean that your cat physically struggles to keep saliva escaping from their mouth. Bear in mind, if they’ve always done this, it’s all fine, but if they’ve only just started doing it, it might be worth contacting your vet.

Why does my dog eat grass?

Let’s finish on a pretty common one. Grass is a great source of fibre so it prevents constipation. Some dogs have also been known to graze because they just like the texture and flavour of grass. It’s also a sign they’re bored, in which case, maybe try taking your woofer out for a walk. If you’re already on a walk and they’re eating grass, maybe throw them a ball or take them to some water to play in. Contact your vet if you’re worried, particularly if they’re eating grass but not the food you give them.

So there’s our list of FAQs to help make sense of the weird and wonderfulness of your furry friends. Remember we provide different levels of cover with our pet insurance. You can even get a 10% discount on the first year of your policy when you buy online and, if you’ve got more than one pet, we’re here for you also.