Insurance FAQs

I have a mixed breed/crossbreed or mongrel puppy; what size do I record my dog as?

We categorise crossbreeds/mixed breeds and mongrels into sizes by weight; but we appreciate if your dog is not yet fully grown, you may not know how much your dog is going to weigh or what size it’ll be.

We’ve added a short guide below, which uses other common breeds to give you an idea of how to record the size of your dog.

We need the size based on what your dog will be when fully grown. If you know the size of the parents of your dog, you can estimate the size of your dog based on them.

Small - Jack Russell size
Medium - Cocker Spaniel size
Large - Labrador and bigger size

You may wonder why we only ask for the size of your dog if it’s a crossbreed or mongrel. If you have a pedigree dog, we don’t need to know the size, because we already know the average size of each breed.


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