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News and guides about pet insurance

Explore our pet insurance guides, covering everything from microchipping to pet passports.

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Most popular pet insurance guides

A small black dog sitting at his owners feet

Getting a new pet

Congratulations! You've decided you'd like a furry friend in your life. But before you take the leap and get a new pet, make sure you choose the right pet for your home.

A dog at the vet being microchipped


Too often pets disappear despite our best attempts to keep them safe. But being reunited with your beloved pet is easier if it's microchipped.

A woman walking a group of dogs all on leads

Dog collars

A dog collar is just a dog collar, right? Wrong. There are many varieties of flat collars, slip collars, harnesses and head collars. So where do you start?

A yellow book with a pet paw print on the front

There's a lot of specialist lingo used in the insurance industry, which is not always clear when you're a customer. Although we try to use plain English at LV=, it's all too easy to drop in the odd acronym and jargon. Here is a list of pet insurance terms, with clear explanations to help make sense of the words we use in our documents and online.

More pet insurance guides

Animal welfare

We all expect there to be high levels of animal welfare for farmed livestock, but what about pets?

Dog grooming

Dog grooming not only makes them look smart, it's also good for their health.

Owning a dog

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, but it can also be great fun.

Owning a cat

Our simple cat owning guide sets out what it takes to care for your cat.

Pet diseases

This guide highlights the most serious pet diseases and how they can be prevented with pet vaccinations.

Walking your dog

Take a look at our hints and tips for staying safe and having fun when you're walking your dog.

Dangerous dogs

This guide outlines your responsibilities as an owner to make sure you control your pet properly.

Pet passport

There's no need for tearful goodbyes with your pet when you go on holiday. Let your pet enjoy a trip abroad with a pet passport

Cat grooming

Cats are naturally clean animals, so do we need to spend time grooming them? Read our ten tips for successful cat grooming.

Older pets

Caring for a pet is a long-term commitment, but sadly they don't stay young forever. Like us, our pets are affected by age and need a little more TLC as they get older.

Missing pets

Many pet owners have experienced that heart-stopping moment when they realise their pet is missing. It's all too easy for your pet to get spooked and run away or even be stolen.

Dental insurance

Do you brush your pet's teeth every day? Well, now may be the time to start. Find out more in our guide to looking after your pet's teeth and why you should.