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A guide to coping with the death of your pet

Saying goodbye to your best friend

How to cope with the death of your pet

A dog facing towards a sunset

Your pet may be the first person to greet you when you get home, or the only friend that you can share your secrets with and know for sure that they'll never tell!. The memories you make together will last a lifetime and when they pass away, it's absolutely fine to be upset, to cry or want to talk about how you miss them.

From the first day you met your pet they were never ‘just a dog or cat' or any other animal, they were yours - and anyone who has ever been lucky enough to have a bond like that will understand what you're going through.

You can also be certain that saying goodbye doesn't get any easier, no matter what the circumstances, or how many times you've been through it, losing a pet is an emotional time. You're not the first to feel like a big part of your life is missing when you open the door and they're not there to greet you - it's perfectly natural.

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Bereavement support

If you're not getting the support you need from your friends or family, or if you're not ready to open up to them, and you're one of our customers you can call our pet help line on 0800 0285 991 . Here you'll be able to find counselling for pet illness and bereavement.

If you’re not one of our customers there is other help available...

Pet Loss has some helpful FAQs.

Support Line for information and links to other pet bereavement organisations.

To prove you're not alone here's a story from the BBC about how losing a pet can affect all of us.

Financial cost of losing a pet

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If you don't have pet insurance then the cost of treating your pet can become quite expensive, especially if they've developed a terminal illness, or been involved in an accident.

Most pet insurers, including us, are unable to cover conditions that are pre-existing so the best time to look into insuring your cat or dog is as soon as possible before they suffer from any illness or accident. This way you're more likely to be able to claim back the costs - or your insurer in some circumstances can pay your vet directly so you only need to pay your excess.

Our policyholders can claim for the purchase price of their pet up to the following limits:

A plain dog and cat collar

Time limited policies

up to £1,500

A Jewelled dog and cat collar

Lifetime policies

up to £1,500

This is so you get back the amount you paid for your pet if they pass away because of an accident or illness. The cover if your pet dies due to illness is only provided for dogs up to a maximum of 8 years old and cats 10 years old.

These levels of cover only apply to pet insurance policies purchased after 22 November 2017 or to policies renewed after 20 December 2017.

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