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Making it easy to claim on your pet insurance

Check out our claims process

Making it easy for you to claim on your pet insurance

If you've bought LV= pet insurance, you'll be relieved to know that making a claim is a straightforward process.

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Step 1 - What to do first

  • If you've had to take your poorly pet to the vet and need to make a claim, call us on 0800 756 8567 to request a form which we can post or email to you.
  • If you decide to go to another vet for a second opinion, you must call us before you go if you want us to consider payment of the second option veterinary treatment fees
  • Please call us if you need to make a liability or accidental damage claim.

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Step 2 -Things you'll need to complete your claim form

If you're making a claim for veterinary fees, we'll need the following information:

  • A claim form fully completed by you and your vet
  • A fully itemised invoice (or receipt) for the treatment you are claiming for
  • Your pet's clinical history: this must be a full, lifetime medical history for your pet, from all of the veterinary practices that you have attended with your pet
  • Once you've filled in the claim form and gathered all the necessary information, send it all to LV= Pet Claims Department, The Connect Centre, Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth PO2 8QL

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Step 3 - Settling your claim

  • If your vet is happy for us to pay them directly, we can do this. Remember to pay your vet any amount that isn't covered by your pet insurance. e.g. policy excess.
  • Once everything has been finalised and payments made, your claim is then closed. You can still get in touch if you have any questions about your claim - we'll be very happy to help.