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A brown dog lying next to a cat

If you are getting pet insurance for your dog or cat, it's a good time to think about what cover you want, and thinking about the health and any potential breed concerns will help you decide which policy will provide you with the best cover.

Even if your furry friend is a bit older, the link below may be able to help you choose which of our policies will be best for you and your pet.

We'll be here to help if your pet becomes ill or injured, as this is when they'll need you the most so we've highlighted below some of the key aspects of your policy - you can find full details in your policy booklet.

These levels of cover only apply to pet insurance policies purchased after 8 April 2015

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What cover do we offer?

We offer two types of policies for your pet, by reading about the type of cover we offer you can make sure that your animal has the right policy to cover their needs.

A plain dog and cat collar

Essential policy

  • Cover most suited for short-term illnesses and injuries.
  • This is a time-limited policy we’ll pay the cost of treatment for each condition for a maximum of 12 months from the first date of treatment up to £5,000
  • Our claim payments will stop at 12 months or once you have reached £5,000 whichever is reached first

This cover is perfect for when Tigger the Siamese cat has a cut paw. Once this has healed, she can continue to chase squirrels up trees.

 A Jewelled dog and cat collar

Premier policy

  • Cover for long-term illness and injuries
  • We'll pay the cost of all treatments covered up to £10,000 in total in a policy year
  • There isn't a time limit for claims, payments can continue for as long as you have a policy with us up to £10,000 each year

This cover is perfect for when Eddie the Beagle is diagnosed with diabetes and may need a lot of extra vet care for the rest of his life

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Pre existing medical conditions

Your policy is designed to offer you help when you need it but it's really important that you know we can't provide cover for any conditions that your pet had before your policy started including:

  • any signs of illness
  • injury
  • behavioural problems

You might have had insurance with another pet insurer at the time the symptoms of illness or injury started. However, when you switch to LV= , we won't be able to cover the cost of any treatment for those symptoms or diagnosed illness or injury.

Don't forget there is a 14 day waiting period before illnesses are covered on your policy and a 48 hour waiting period before accidents are covered.

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Dental care

Your policy doesn't cover the cost of any dental maintenance, however it's always a good idea to get into a good habit of looking after your pet's teeth and gums such as descaling/ cleaning teeth to help minimise health issues.

A plain dog and cat collar

Essential policy

We will cover the cost of dental care if:

  • the treatment is needed because of an injury
  • it's to remove first teeth after your pet is more than 6 months as long as your pet was insured with us before they were 16 weeks old.
A Jewelled dog and cat collar

Premier policy

The same cover as the essential policy and:

  • further treatment teeth and gum related that wasn't preventable
  • You'll need to make sure that your pet has had annual check-ups and any routine and preventative treatment your vet recommends, such as teeth de-scaling.

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Related conditions

Health conditions can be related when one of a pair (e.g. eyes, ears, knees) is affected by an injury or illness.

Let's say for example Kylie the Labrador ruptures her left knee ligament then seven months later ruptures her right knee ligament, we'd considered these as one condition.

Here's how her right knee ligament treatment would be covered under our two policies:

A plain dog and cat collar

Essential policy

The Essential policy covers conditions for 12 months and up to £5,000 from when they're first treated.

  • You wouldn't have to pay another excess
  • You'd only have five months of cover remaining and however much of the £5,000 limit remains for the treatment of her right ligament
A Jewelled dog and cat collar

Premier policy

The Premier policy covers the cost of all treatments covered up to £10,000 per policy year and then resets when you renew.

  • You wouldn't have to pay another excess as long as the treatment started in the same policy year
  • If the claim amount came to £7,000, you'd have £3,000 balance left to cover other claims for Kylie, until renewal, at which point the cover would reset to £10,000 again.

Health problems linking back to previous symptoms or a previously diagnosed condition are also treated as related.

Suppose Kylie the Labrador goes on to get arthritis in her knees three years later because of her knee ligament repairs:

Here's how her arthritis treatment would be covered under our two policies:

A plain dog and cat collar

Essential policy

  • There wouldn't be any cover for the arthritis as more than 12 months has passed since the start of the treatment for her first (left) ligament rupture
A Jewelled dog and cat collar

Premier policy

  • Assuming you'd made no other pet claims for Kylie that year, you'd have £10,000 of cover for her arthritis treatment

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