Insurance FAQs

Can I make a claim for the purchase price of my pet?

You can make a claim for the purchase price of your pet if they've gone missing or died. Claims for 'death from illness' can only be made if your dog was under 9 years of age or your cat was under 11 years of age.

If you want to make a claim for your pet's purchase price because they've gone missing or been stolen, your pet must have been missing for more than 45 days and we must see evidence that you reported the loss.

For a dog, you must have reported the loss to your local authority and welfare centres or relevant governing body or organisation in the country where your pet goes missing (in Scotland you must report the loss to the police) within two days of your dog going missing.

For a cat, you must have reported your cat missing to local rescue centres within 10 days of their disappearance.