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Energetic and easy-going, Bombay cats make the perfect family pet. They’re a playful breed with a trademark loud purr and plenty of energy. 

  • Bombay cats have an energetic personality and need lots of stimulation to stay healthy and happy
  • They look like miniature black panthers and even have black paw pads 
  • They are a generally healthy breed, but can suffer from conditions common to pedigree cats

Find out about looking after your Bombay’s health and happiness throughout their lifetime with our guide.


Bombay Cat Personality

Being playful and fun are typical Bombay personality traits, while they’re also smart and affectionate. Don’t be surprised to find your Bombay curled up in your bed as they love warmth, nearly as much as affection.

Bombay cats are instantly recognisable thanks to their jet black, silky coat  and amber eyes. It’s because of this that they’re often compared to a black panther, along with their muscular body, inquisitive nature and distinctive purr – which can be heard from across the room when they’re feeling particularly talkative.

They have a mild temperament and get on well with children - ideal if you have a young family.

Although the Bombay cat will look like most other medium-sized cats, you’ll be surprised at how much heavier they are. While they are active cats, they are also very curious and love to watch the world go by.

To help your Bombay cat settle into your home, take a look at our guide to getting a new pet, where you’ll find all the advice you need.

Did you know?

Bombay cats are closely related to the Burmese cat and are sometimes called a “black Burmese” 

Bombay Cat Health Facts 

Size: Medium

Lifespan: 12-16 years

Coat: Short black hair, easy to care for

Exercise: Medium

On the whole, most Bombay cats tend to live a long and healthy life when fed well and exercised regularly. 


Bombay Cat

Bombay Cat Health Problems

Although a generally healthy pet, like most pedigrees the Bombay cat has some potential problems to watch out for. Some of the most common illnesses they can be susceptible to include:

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) 

The heart muscle enlarges and restricts blood flow, which can then lead to heart failure.


It’s important to keep your Bombay happy and stimulated,  especially when you're out of the house.

Excessive tearing of the eyes

Bombay cats can also suffer from excessive tearing of the eyes, which can be treated with drops.

As with all cats, it’s important to keep an eye on your pet as the get older, which is when they might start to show signs of developing health conditions.

Bombay Cat Nutrition and Exercise

As Bombay cats have quite a dense build, they’re prone to putting on weight quickly and can be rather heavy to lift . It’s important to keep a close eye on their food intake and reduce portion sizes if necessary.

It’s best to feed your cat as instructed by the food packet to control portions. If you do notice any excessive weight gain, it might mean they’re not getting enough exercise.

Bombay Pet Insurance

As Bombay cats can develop health conditions throughout their lifetime, it’s important to protect your pet by being prepared with pet insurance.

The amount it costs to insure your pet will vary by policy and is dependent on different factors. These include:

  • Age
  • Gender

Make sure your Bombay is covered for all eventualities when you take out pet insurance from LV=. You can cover the cost of any medical treatments they might need throughout their life, giving you the peace of mind that your beloved friend is taken care of when they need it most.

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