Archie's story: a little dog's tale

An inspiring pooch's cancer battle

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When Mr and Mrs Furness were told their English springer spaniel, Archie, had cancer, they turned to LV= for support. 

Archie after his surgery 

  • Meet Archie, the English springer spaniel, and his owners who had to make a tough decision
  • LV= pet claims team were on hand to help Archie in his time of need
  • Despite having a major operation, Archie still has a spring in his step

Archie the brave English Springer spaniel

The start of Archie's story

Mr and Mrs Furness's dog Archie developed a hole in one of his front paw pads. Nothing they tried worked: the hole wouldn't heal. Mr Furness took Archie to the vet, who initially thought a seed had got into the paw, causing the sore. 

The vet scheduled surgery. On the day, the team couldn't find anything inside Archie's paw, so decided the best course of action was to sew the hole up.  

However, after his operation, the wound continued to open and would not heal.

The vet referred Archie to a specialist consultant, Patrick Ridge at Ridge referrals in Dawlish Water, who said they'd have to amputate his toe. Patrick also took a small sample of Archie's paw tissue to be sent away for tests after the operation.

The results of Archie's tests

A few weeks later, Archie's test results came back from the lab. It was bad news  – Archie had cancer. 

The vet advised Mr and Mrs Furness that as Archie had already had his toe amputated, there was a chance that the cancer could come back.

Mr Furness called LV= to see if his Lifetime Pet Insurance would cover Archie for more treatment, and was assured if the cancer did come back, Archie would be covered.

Unfortunately, about six months ago, the cancer presented itself as another hole in Archie's paw. 

After taking him back to the consultant, Mr and Mrs Furness were given two options: either Archie's leg could be amputated as he was a young dog and he would be able to cope; or, Archie could be referred to Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick, aka The Super Vet, to see if there was the possibility to have a prosthetic limb fitted.

Whilst Mr and Mrs Furness wanted to do everything they could for Archie, the worry of spiralling vet fees was a concern. 

Mr Furness called LV= again to ask for pre-authorisation of the claim. Our team emailed a form for the vet to fill in so we could start our pet claims process. 

As The Super Vet is a considerable distance from Mr Furness' home, they organised a telephone consultation with a nurse, who explained there were considerable risks with the operation. Archie would have to be kept quiet and they would not be able to visit him for five weeks. 

Decision time

After further discussions with Patrick Ridge, Mr and Mrs Furness decided the best thing to do for their beloved Archie was to go ahead with amputation, which was covered by his LV= Pet Policy.

Archie had his operation four weeks ago and is already running around and going up and down stairs. He's learning to use his front paw and positioning the weight in the middle. His recovery has been truly remarkable.

'I'm delighted that Archie is doing so well after his operation,' says Mr Furness.  'LV= made the whole process really easy. One of the key things you expect from your insurance company is that if you ring, your call is answered straightaway. That was exactly the case with LV=.' 

'The care you showed and the way you dealt with us proves LV= wants to make the claims process as easy as possible for the customer.' 

We'd like to wish Archie a speedy recovery and look forward to hearing about his adventures.