Questions to ask yourself before taking money from your pension savings

4 minute read

11 important considerations before you make big financial decisions about your pensions and retirement.


1. Do I really need to take any of my pension money now?

If you're not planning to retire, or reduce your working hours just yet, you could be better off leaving your pension pots untouched.


2. Am I at risk from potential pension scams?

Scammers target retired professionals who might have accessed their pension pots and have money to spend. Be aware of the scams and protect yourself from investment fraud. Read our pension scams article to find out how scammers operate and what to do if your think you're a victim of investment fraud.


3. Thinking of downsizing later to fund your retirement?

Consider that you will probably be in your late 70's and be less open to big lifestyle changes.


4. Am I sure that I won't be better off by leaving the money invested?

Thinking of putting some of your pension funds in an ISA? Check the rates available compared to your pension supplier to make sure your money is working as hard as it can to grow your pot.


5. What ongoing charges are there, and how will these impact me?

Ongoing charges could slowly eat away at your pension pot, leaving you with few options when you come to access your pot.


6. Does my provider offer the best product for my circumstances?

Getting impartial pension advice, and product recommendations from a range of providers will help you get the most from your pension pot, in a package that's tailored to your individual circumstances.


7. What if a spouse on a defined benefit pension dies before me?

Find out what your options are, and considering pension transfer to make sure you're looked after if the worst happens.


8. Do I really need to take all 25% of my tax free cash out now?

Accessing 25% of your pension pot tax-free is a tempting offer, but before you take it, consider how and why you are spending the money.


9. More and more people are living into their 90's, what if I'm one of them?

Your pension pot will need to last longer than you might have anticipated when you started paying in. Make sure you get the right product for you.


10. If I'm using pension drawdown, what should I be invested in?

Take pension advice to find out what different investment options are available, and consider the potential risk level you're prepared to invest at. The higher the risk, the higher the potential return or loss.


11. Is property investment the right choice?

Property overheads such as capital gains tax, income tax on rent, void periods, insurance, letting fees, refurbishment costs all add up.