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Product set up

Save yourself the hassle; we can set your products up for you


So, how does it all work?

Here are the steps we take to set up your product - and the benefits of you'll enjoy. 

  • We'll get the release forms to transfer your pension pot (this can take a few weeks)
  • We'll process your tax-free cash payments, application forms and tax payments for you
  • We'll keep you updated with the progress on setting up your product
  • We can review your drawdown products each year for a small additional charge (can be applied to your pension pot) to make sure your product continues to meet your needs and takes changing circumstances into account (e.g. investment performance)
why take out an lv= product?

If you take out a retirement product with us, you’ll have access to lots of ongoing membership benefits.


  • Discounts on LV= car and home insurance
  • Access to our member care line
  • Access to our Love Retirement hub and email newsletters
  • Free and confidential counselling, legal advice and health and wellbeing guidance