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Online advice

Professional pension and retirement advice at your fingertips

Why get advice online

Great retirements start with expert advice

But why choose to get advice online?

  • Expert personalised financial advice from the comfort of your own home
  • Telephone support from our professional, UK based financial advisers
  • Recommendations from all annuity providers across the whole of the UK market
  • £199 fixed cost for the fact find and report
  • Personal information saved automatically and held securely
  • No obligation to buy the products we recommend
The Advice Process

A better financial future in 3 steps

Step 1. Fact find

We’ll ask you questions about your finances and objectives in retirement.

Step 2. Your report

You'll get a tailored report and recommended actions you should take.

Step 3. Set up

Once you're happy, we can set everything up on your behalf

Before you get advice

We recommend you have these documents and details handy

This information will be required to get an accurate report and recommendations

  • State pension details, including for your partner or spouse if applicable
  • Your pension information, including anything to do with old or lost pensions
  • Personal finance details including; income from all sources, debts, investments including mortgage details and house value if applicable
  • An idea of essential monthly expenditure and future lump sum requirements (a budget calculator is available to help you with your calculations)
  • Specific health and lifestyle details including dates of diagnoses of any conditions and medication taken
Is online advice right for you?

Make sure online advice is right for you.

Our online advice service isn't for you if you meet any of these criteria

  • A Non-UK resident or have joint UK/US citizenship
  • Using a pension pot of over £150,000
  • Not looking to take any pension benefits within 3 months
  • Looking for help with your Occupational (employee) Pension
  • Wanting advice on a pension pot held in a Non-UK registered Pension scheme
  • Using a pension pot with any form of Regulatory Protection (Primary, Enhanced, Fixed or Individual)
  • Including a pension pot with a pension sharing/earmarking order as a result of a divorce settlement
Important information

Before you get started we recommend you read the following

By getting advice online you confirm that you've read our services and fees, understood any exclusions below and agreed our end user license agreement.

Ready to get started?