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Online advice

Call us for a free chat on 0800 032 9301

Lines open: 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday

Why choose online advice?

Many people haven’t the expertise or time to deal with the issues they face at retirement without expert help. Here's three reasons to consider advice:

  • The stakes are high. Your pension savings will usually need to provide an income for the rest of your life.
  • You only retire once. It can seem complex and few people have much experience of what to do with their pensions so advisers can help you
  • Making the right choice at retirement is important. Some decisions are irreversible,e.g: a poor decision can mean a smaller income each year.

LV= Retirement Wizard is a fully protected online advice tool available to you if you're within three months of wanting to access your pension and have a pot size of up to £150,000. Our tool is useful if you're looking for specific product recommendations from a range of leading providers including:

Aviva, Hodge Lifetime and Legal and General
Just Retirement, Canada Life, Retirement Advantage

How does online advice work?

Blue icon of a list with ticks to the right

1. Fact find

We’ll ask you questions about your finances and objectives in retirement.

Blue icon showing a report style booklet

2. Report

A report based on your answers will recommend actions you should take.

Blue icon showing a computer screen with a pound sign

3. Implement

You can either use our panel of leading providers or shop around yourself.

How is online advice different from traditional advice?

Different forms of advice will appeal to different people. Traditionally, advice has been provided face to face and there are advantages to this approach, but it can be expensive. The table below compares online advice with traditional face to face or telephone advice.

What advice suits your retirement needs?

Online advice

Traditional advice

Low cost straight-forward solution if your personal pension is between £13,500 to £150,000


Appropriate solution if you need advice on a company pension scheme


Approved by an authorized financial adviser


Fully regulated protected advice


Well known and trusted brand nationally


Submission online at your convenience


Ongoing advice offered during retirement


What is the value of online advice?

  • Expert personalised financial advice from the comfort of your own home
  • Telephone support from our professional, UK based financial advisers
  • Recommendations from a panel of leading annuity providers
  • £199 fixed cost for the fact find and report
  • Personal information saved automatically and held securely
  • No obligation to buy the products we recommend
You can complete it yourself.. OR LV= can do it all for you. No hassle. We will handle it for you! Fixed cost. Irrespective of pension size.

We'll take care of the whole set-up process for only £499.

By getting advice online you confirm that you've read our services and fees, understood any exclusions below and agreed our end user license agreement which can also be found below.

The difference between advice and guidance


  • Is given by a professional adviser such as IFAs, financial planners, wealth managers or the LV= Retirement Wizard.
  • Is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, protecting you from negligent advice.
  • Gives tailored advice recommendations for your individual circumstances.


  • Gives a general overview of the options available on the market.
  • Won't tell you what to do with your money.
  • Is free and given by highly trained specialists.
Pension Wise

To book a guidance appointment with Pension Wise call 0800 138 3944 (8am to 10pm everyday) or visit the Pension Wise website

Online advice isn't for you if you're...

  • A Non-UK resident or have joint UK/US citizenship
  • Using a pension pot of over £150,000
  • Not looking to take any pension benefits within 3 months
  • Looking for help with your Occupational (employee) Pension
  • Wanting advice on a pension pot held in a Non-UK registered Pension scheme
  • Using a pension pot with any form of Regulatory Protection (Primary, Enhanced, Fixed or Individual)
  • Including a pension pot with a pension sharing /earmarking order as a result of a divorce settlement.

Things you need to have handy

We need some personal details from you, so it's a good idea to have the following handy:

  • Any pension statements
  • Any 'wake up' letters from your existing pension provider(s)
  • State pension statements
  • Details of any debts, savings and investments
  • If you think you may have lost pensions find out how you can trace them.

End user license agreement

  • You’ll have a limited non-sublicenseable licence, to use our online advice tool only to get retirement advice.
  • You have no right (and won’t permit any third party) and have no licence to copy, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, or adapt the intellectual property rights (including any rights in copyright, designs, patents or similar rights in any part of the world) in the fact finds or questionnaires or in the online advice tool, in whole or in part.
  • You won’t insert or permit any third party to insert into any hardware, software or systems, any virus, Trojan horse, worm, logic bomb, drop-dead device, backdoor, shutdown mechanism or combination of the foregoing that is intended or has the effect of disabling, deleting, erasing, denying authorised access to, permitting unauthorised access to, repossessing, damaging, destroying, corrupting or otherwise affecting or interfering with the provision of the online advice tool or the normal use of any hardware, software or systems.
  • Use of the LV=Retirement Wizard is also subject to the terms and conditions of use of the LV= website.
  • All intellectual property rights (including any rights in copyright, designs, patents or similar rights in any part of the world) in the fact finds, questionnaires and tools and in this site are owned by LV= or are used under license.
  • Use of the LV=Retirement Wizard online tool confirms your agreement to these terms.