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Over 50 Life Insurance

We no longer sell Over 50 Life Insurance but here is some information for our existing customers.

An over 50s Married couple with their grandkids, dog, and member of the LV= legal team stood behind the LV= heart

FAQs for Making a Claim Over 50 Life Insurance

Will my claims payment be tax-free if I pay the higher rate of income tax?


When will you pay the claim?

After 12 months you’re fully covered. If you pass away, providing the premiums are paid up to date, we’ll pay a claim.

When won't you pay the claim?

In the first 12 months - We won’t pay the claim if the policyholder dies, unless it’s as a result of an accident. Death must also occur within 90 days of the accident. Some accidents are excluded and you’ll find full details in the plan conditions, section A1. If death occurs from a cause other than an accident in the first 12 months we’ll return the amount paid in premiums. We won’t pay a claim if we find out that it’s fraudulent. For example, the insured person hasn’t really died.

How long after death should you be told?

Your family should let us know as soon as possible. The sooner that they tell us, the sooner we can start work on the claim and, as long as it’s covered by the plan, pay them.

What about policies that are assigned to Dignity?

In the first instance you need to contact them on 0800 387717. Dignity will then arrange for the next of kin to contact us. We’ll need to see the death certificate which will be returned. Once we’ve received all the relevant documentation we’ll settle Dignity’s invoice directly to them.