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Over 50 Life Insurance

Three great reasons to choose the LV= 50 Plus plan...

  • Guaranteed acceptance - no health questions asked
  • Premiums starting from £7 a month (depending on age)
  • Full cover after just 12 months
An over 50s Married couple with their grandkids, dog, and member of the LV= legal team stood behind the LV= heart

Make a Claim for Over 50 Life Insurance

What you can expect when claiming...

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When you die

Your next of kin or executor of your will contacts LV= to let us know you’ve passed away.

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1 - 3 days

Your next of kin or executor will need to send us your death certificate.

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Within 48 hours

Once your claim has been submitted, we will pay the money out within 48 hours*.

*Claims are paid on average within 48 hours of the claim being submitted, based on policy data Jan 2015 – July 2016

Contact information

Policies under a year old

  • Call our Customer service department on 0800 678 1906.
    Lines are open: 8.30am – 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.
    For TextDirect call 18001 0800 678 1906.
  • Write to us at: Customer Service Department, LV=, Pynes Hill House
    Rydon Lane, Exeter, EX2 5SP
  • E-mail us at

Please note that, although we can’t pay the full amount if the policyholder dies within the first year (unless it’s as a result of an accident), we will arrange a full refund of premiums. If the death was as a result of an accident, it must occur within 90 days of the accident and some accidents are excluded (see plan conditions section A1).

Policies over a year old

  • Call us on 0800 032 8390 or TextDirect call 18001 0800 032 8390.
  • Email us at
  • Write to us at: Customer Service Department, LV=, Pynes Hill House, Rydon Lane, Exeter, EX2 5SP
  • If you're claiming as a spouse/civil partner, trustee or executor, or son/daughter of the deceased you can download our claims notification form.

We'll confirm our requirements during the call if you're phoning us. We may need to see the original death certificate, copy of the will and letters of confirmation from joint executors or joint next of kin depending on the circumstances.

Dignity Assigned Policy

  • You’ll need to check if the policy has been assigned to Dignity Pre Arrangement Ltd.
  • Then you can contact one of their friendly staff members 0800 387 717.
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Useful Information

Who do we pay the policy proceeds to?

  • Policy assigned or nominated - we would pay the assignee or nominee.
  • Policyholder left a will – The executor(s) would receive the money or advise who we should pay.
  • No will - we’ll pay the next of kin in the following priority order.
    1. Husband/Wife/Civil Partner
    2. Sons/Daughters (this includes adopted sons and daughters but not step-children)
    3. Grandchildren
    4. Parents
    5. Brothers/Sisters
    6. Nieces/ Nephews
    7. More distant relatives

Will my claims payment be tax-free?

Yes, the monies we pay will be tax free. However, the payment may form part of the deceased’s estate, and the estate may be liable for inheritance tax.

Frequently asked claims questions

number 1

What do I do first?
The person making the claim can either download the claims notification form or contact us directly. One of our claims advisers will then help to guide you through the process.

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What's your response time to enquirers?
We do our best to respond to any enquiries within three days.

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Will my claims payment be tax-free?
Yes, the monies we pay to the claimant will be tax free. However, unless the policy was assigned to a third party, the payment will form part of the deceased's estate, and the estate may be liable for inheritance tax.

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Don’t forget about the LV= Legal & Wellbeing Support Line

This service is available to you as soon as your policy starts as well as when making a claim.

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Why choose LV=

An insurance provider you can trust established in 1843.

  • 100% of claims paid in 2016
  • UK's largest friendly society

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