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Over 50 Life Insurance

Three great reasons to choose the LV= 50 Plus plan...

  • Guaranteed acceptance - no health questions asked
  • Premiums starting from £7 a month (depending on age)
  • Full cover after just 12 months
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Useful Information For Over 50 Life Insurance

From the moment you take out an LV= 50 Plus plan you’ll have access to our exclusive 24 hour Member Care Line should you need any legal help, medical advice or just want someone to talk to. Plus you’ll get a wide range of discounts and benefits only available to members.

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Day 1

You decide if the 50 Plus plan is right for you and you apply.

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1 - 3 days

Your plan starts as soon as we process your application and your 12 month countdown to getting full cover begins.

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1 - 7 days

We’ll send you your Policy documents which you should pass on to someone you trust.

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1 - 30 days

As we want you to be comfortable with your decision, you have a 30 day cooling off period in which to tell us you’ve changed your mind. If you cancel your plan in this period you get your premiums back. If you stop paying at any other time, your plan ends and you get nothing back.

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4 months

You’ll receive your free gift card within 28 days of us receiving your third monthly payment (in about 4 months time).

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12 months - onwards

You are now fully covered while you continue to pay your premiums, and the full amount of cover will be paid out when you pass away.

Over 50s life insurance help and FAQs

People in the UK are living longer than ever, which makes planning for the future even more important. Our over 50s life insurance is a simple and affordable way to help you do that. Here are some frequently asked questions we've been asked about our 50 Plus plan which you may find helpful before making your decision.

What's the difference between life insurance and over 50s life insurance?

There are a few key differences between life insurance and 50 Plus insurance. Life insurance pays a lump sum if you die within a set time frame, agreed when you take out the policy. 50 Plus insurance doesn't depend on any set time frame and will pay out whenever you die (you are fully covered after one year - if you die before, we'll pay back the premiums paid into your plan).

Find out more about the differences between life insurance and 50 Plus insurance.

What is the cost of a funeral?

There are many factors to take into consideration when planning a funeral but we have done some research on the cost of a funeral here.

How much cover can I get?

The amount of cover you get for your 50 Plus plan monthly premium depends on your age. You can get cover of up to £25,000.

Why is there specific life insurance for the over 50s?

It's never too late to plan for your future and take out life insurance, but as you get older you may find it more difficult to get the cover you want, particularly if you're in poor health or have suffered a serious illness.

Maybe your house is paid off and your kids have graduated from university, but you still want your spouse to be taken care of. You might also be concerned about your family's ability to pay your debts or funeral costs if you weren't around. You may even wish to leave a small sum of money to your children or grandchildren. There are many reasons for people over 50 to take out life insurance.

That’s why we offer our 50 Plus plan, which guarantees to accept you as long as you are aged 50 to 80 and a UK resident.

Unlike traditional life assurance, you can get covered with our 50 Plus plan regardless of any current health issues. You don't have to complete a lengthy questionnaire or take a medical before you get cover from us.

Can I make my funeral easier for my loved ones?

When someone dies, it's a time of sadness. Yet there are practical things that need to be done – some of them simultaneously and quite soon. This can be very painful when grief and emotions are at their highest. You can help ease the strain on those left behind by planning your funeral in advance – and making sure that funds are available to pay for it.

How can I make a 50 Plus plan claim?

Visit our section dedicated to helping you make a claim on an over 50 life insurance product. Here you will find our phone number, email and postal address.

What happens if I miss a payment?

We know that life happens and it sometimes gets in the way. If you do miss a payment, we'll send you a reminder and give you 60 days to start them up again before we cancel the plan.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, you can contact us.

Please note that if your question is specific to your plan and not covered above, you may need to refer to your original plan documents or call one of our trained service agents.

Our over 50s life insurance application is quick and easy

You can phone us

Call our friendly UK-based team for more information or a quote:

0800 197 0517
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TextDirect: 18001 0800 197 0517
8am to 7pm Monday to Friday

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LV= Doctor Services

When you take out a new policy with us you will gain access to the LV= Doctor Services, getting the medical advice and treatment you need.

  • Simple to use - one app, three expert medical services.
  • Easy access - to a leading network of 5000+ UK health professionals at your fingertips.
  • No added cost - you won’t pay any consultation fees, or an insurance excess.

Why choose LV=

An insurance provider you can trust established in 1843.

  • 100% of claims paid in 2016
  • UK's largest friendly society

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Get access to a range of member benefits and exclusive loyalty rewards at no extra cost.

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