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Over 50 Life Insurance

We no longer sell Over 50 Life Insurance but here is some information for our existing customers.

An over 50s Married couple with their grandkids, dog, and member of the LV= legal team stood behind the LV= heart

Welcome to our existing customer section

This section offers an easy and quick way for you to let us know if your details change. It also has information about getting updates of your amount of cover, how to make a claim and commonly asked questions about the 50 Plus plan.

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Change your name

You can let us know about a change of name by completing our online form.

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Change your address

You can let us know about a change of address by completing our online form.

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Change your direct debit

We'll need to confirm your bank details, so please make sure you have them to hand.

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Change your collection date

You can change the date your direct debit is collected by completing a simple form.

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Check amount of cover

Check your current amount of cover by filling in our online form.

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Request policy documents

Get a copy of your policy documents by filling in our 'get policy documents' form.

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Track your free gift

Find out what's happening with your free gift by filling in our 'track your gift' form.

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Put your policy in trust

Make sure the right people receive the money if you die during the term of the policy.

Not what you're looking for?

For any other queries, please contact our customer services team on:

0800 678 1906

Calling from abroad?

USA, Canada, Australia - (011 44) 800 678 1906

Europe, South Africa, New Zealand - (00 44) 800 678 1906

Need to make a claim?

Visit our claims page for more information