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How to receive your free retirement options guide

If you want to calculate how much income you could get from your pension pot but you're not quite ready for professional advice then LV='s Retirement Wizard income calculator could be for you.

  • Provide basic details about yourself, your pensions and your retirement needs, using our Retirement Income Calculator.
  • The calculator will then work out an overview of your options based on your personal circumstances
  • Your free retirement options guide will then be emailed to you securely using the email address you supply.

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So, what's included in your full retirement options guide?

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  • Pros and cons of your retirement income options.
  • How much money you're likely to get with each option while taking into account your pension pot, your state pension entitlement and any other savings or income.
  • Key things to think about when planning your retirement, including your current situation.
  • An indication of your income with each option
  • The importance of budgeting and tax implications
  • Examples of how to boost your retirement income
  • Where to get additional guidance or advice from.

Once you've completed your details, we'll email you your full personalised report, giving you more details on the options shown as well as lots of useful information to help plan your retirement.