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Mortgage & Lifestyle Protection

Information for our existing customers including how to make a claim and how to contact us.

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Frequently asked questions on Mortgage & Lifestyle Protection claims

Why have you asked to see the birth certificate or passport?

We need to confirm your date of birth to make sure that you have been paying the correct premiums for your amount of cover.

What is your response time to enquiries?

We do our best to respond to any enquiries as quickly as possible. But depending on the type of your enquiry it may take us up to five days to get back to you.

Are the payments I get when I claim paid tax-free?

Yes, as long as you pay the premiums for your policy yourself from a bank account that is in your name alone, or in the name of you and your spouse/partner.

Does the above still apply if I pay the higher rate of income tax?


When will you pay my claim?

We’ll pay your claim if, following the waiting period, because of sickness or accident, you’re unable to work. We use different measures to determine whether you're unable to work, and these are explained in section A of the policy conditions. For further information regarding unemployment claims, see our unemployment cover page.

When won't you pay my claim?

We wish we could pay out 100% of claims, but there are cases when we’re unable to make payment. If we didn’t operate a responsible policy in paying out claims, the cost of cover for everyone else would become prohibitively expensive. Rest assured that we judge all claims on a case by case basis.

What if a claim doesn't meet the definitions detailed in the plan conditions?

We won't pay if the claim doesn't meet our definition of what is covered under the plan.

What is non-disclosure?

We may not pay out or may reduce the amount we pay if you don't tell us relevant information about your health or lifestyle, or don't tell us about a significant change in your circumstances between when you apply for your policy and when it starts. For example, you haven't told us on your application form that you're already being treated for a particular disease. If you completed the application form truthfully and accurately then you won't have any problems. If you would like a copy of your application form then please ask.

What happens if I don't pay my premiums?

In most cases your cover will stop and your plan will be cancelled if your premiums are outstanding for more than 60 days. If this happens, then you will not be able to claim.

What happens if the cover term has finished?

We won't pay if the term of your plan has finished or you've cancelled the plan.

What if a claim is fraudulent?

We won't pay a claim if we find out that it's fraudulent. For example, the insured person's illness isn't real or it has been deliberately exaggerated.