Important information

Our Member Support Fund is designed to help LV= members who are going through a hard time and need a helping hand.

It is also possible for our members to ask for support for one of their family who is having a tough time. To apply you must have been a member of LV= for a continuous period of 12 months. This means you will have held a member qualifying product* with LV= for at least a year.

  • A panel will look at requests and decide if LV= can help and to what degree.
  • The panel’s decision is final and we cannot explain the reason for any decisions.
  • Help might be in the form of a cheque, vouchers, a piece of equipment or something else.
  • To aid in the panel’s work please fill in as much information as you can.
  • You can send us supporting information if you wish, by post or email, using the contact details below.
  • If we need more information we might get in touch with you by phone or email so it is important that you give us your contact details.
  • We will aim to make our decision as quickly as possible, and within 21 days.
  • You should only request support once, as repeat requests may be denied.

* Member qualifying products are usually long-term policies such as savings, investment, protection or retirement policies.

I am aware that my data may be used in line with the LV= ‘How we use your information statement’ which includes being;

  • Used to seek references and information such as are required to verify this application for Member Support.
  • Held for 5 years to assist when reviewing any subsequent request for support.
  • Shared with appointed agents chosen by LV= to enable LV= to support my Member Support application.