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Support fund

Help when our members' need it most

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The LV= Member Support Fund is designed to help LV= members who are going through a hard time and need a helping hand. It is also possible for LV= members to ask for support for one of their family who is having a tough time.

If a member is affected by circumstances that have left them or their family finding it difficult to cope financially and are struggling to make ends meet, the Member Support Fund might be able to help. It can provide a grant to make life that little bit easier.

Since it was set up over 15 years ago the Fund has given grants totalling over £400,000 and helped hundreds of members get back on their feet.

If you have been a member for more than a year you can complete a request form today.

Member support team

0800 876 6166

Open 9am-5pm on weekdays

Examples of where we’ve helped


A mechanic had to give up his job when he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Unfortunately as well as dealing with the condition the medication also made him put on weight. Because he found it difficult to get another job he asked us to help him buy a specialised tricycle so he could start delivering parcels by bike and get fit at the same time.


In the course of a claim for a terminal illness, we discovered a wife had had to give up work to care for her husband full-time. One small pleasure they still shared was to sit in their conservatory and take-in the garden. However, the furniture was old and the conservatory was cold in the winter months. We were able to help pay for a new sofa and carpet to make this time more comfortable and enjoyable.

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The firm that a member was working for stopped trading and was finally wound up. She’d continued to work for them during this time but didn’t get paid for three months. Her brother had kindly lent her money so she could meet her bills. The Support Fund paid her brother back so that she no longer carried this debt as she started to rebuild her working life.

Sewing thread

A single mum of a five year old son has suffered several knock backs over the last few years which culminated when her home was burgled and several irreplaceable items were stolen. This all resulted in her becoming practically housebound, too anxious to leave home. We paid for a custom built worktable, an eyelet hole cutting machine and other equipment and tools so she could make it as a self-employed curtain maker.