Talk to your family

It’s hard to imagine, let alone talk about what a change in your circumstances could mean for your finances. But talking to your family about your wishes is important. Be brave, and start a conversation.

These tips might make it easier:

  1. Think about whether you need help to manage your money now. Are there specific tasks which cause you anxiety or stress?
  2. Consider how you’d like to be supported. For example, if you find renewing your home insurance difficult, you may value someone providing a shortlist for you to choose from, or simply sitting with you to use an online comparison tool and select the right product together.
  3. Let your family know you’d like to talk about your finances. Set aside an agreed time to have this conversation, so that everyone involved can give this the focus it needs. Don’t rush it or add it to your goodbyes at the end of a visit.
  4. Talk about what you’re finding difficult, and what help you’d like. Be specific.
  5. If you don’t need help just yet, but think you may in future, open the conversation now, to let your loved ones know how you feel.