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 Help managing your money

Looking for help managing your finances?

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Managing your money in later life

Managing your money is never easy; cutting through the jargon to understand your options can be tricky and there are just never enough hours in the day

We've put together this guide with tips to help you feel more confident about your finances, plus trusted resources on topics like benefits and how your family can help you manage your money.

If you're an LV= Member, you can access a range of services via our Member Care Line, completely free of charge.

  • Legal Advice – Contact a legal adviser about your rights, and how to deal with various legal situations including Wills and Probate
  • Health & Wellbeing – Talk to a qualified nurse for advice and guidance on things like elderly care, medication, and what to expect if you’re diagnosed with an illness or medical condition
  • Counselling – Receive support from a qualified counsellor who can support you with anything from bereavement, to depression and anxiety

For more information and details of how to get in touch, visit our Member Care Line page.

Five steps to financial confidence

There are a number of things you can simplify managing your finances

Follow these five steps to feel confident about your financial future

Taking care of you

We know that growing older brings a whole new set of challenges, some of which you may not have expected. We’re here to help

It can be hard to stay in touch with friends and family, especially if you find it difficult to get out and about. We’re working with AGE UK to help combat loneliness. Checkout their befriending services in your area for more information. 

And if you're an LV= Member, you can also call the member care line for support. For more information and details of how to get in touch, visit our Member Care Line page.

Supporting loved ones with their finances

Are you helping your parents or other older loved ones with their finances?

Navigating someone else's finances can be tricky. However help is at hand. We've put together a guide to help you understand how to help a loved on with their finances.