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Helping an elderly loved one to manage their finances?

Elderly loved ones often struggle to manage their finances, meaning they rely on people they trust to step in and help - people like you.

There are a number of ways, big and small, in which you may be helping an elderly loved one with their finances; 

  • Paying utility bills 
  • Collecting a pension 
  • Managing their bank account 
  • Gaining power of attorney over their finances

If your help requires more involvement you may need to manage a bank account on their behalf. The British Bankers’ Association website has a downloadable guide with advice and guidance on how to this.

However big or small the help you're giving to a loved one, it can be stressful. But, as an LV= member a helping hand is just a phone call away.

How we can help

If you need help or advice about supporting an elderly loved one with their finances we’re here for you. 

Our Member Care Line offers free and confidential legal advice for members, covering a wide range of topics such as 

  • Legal Advice about wills, property related issues and identity fraud 
  • Counselling for stress bereavement or anxiety
  • Health and wellbeing. Qualified nurses offer advice and guidance about elderly care 

The Care Line also allows members to speak to medical staff if they are worried about a health condition and you can even talk to a counsellor if you are experiencing emotional distress, and need a sympathetic ear.

Finding it stressful or need help?