A meeting of minds

Voting Rights

Our members are entitled to vote on key matters affecting the business.

Members can cast their vote at any Annual General Meetings (AGM) or Special General Meetings (SGM).

AGMs normally relate to the election of our board directors and the approval of our financial accounts. Now and again we might hold an SGM to deal with matters that can't be dealt with at an AGM, such as constitutional changes. These meetings are also a platform for members to ask questions of our board of directors. 

We will contact our members in advance to invite them to any meetings and ask them to express their views. 

The LV= Member Panel

The LV= Member Panel is a small group of members who are particularly interested in how the business is run

They meet with our board, executives and senior leaders twice a year. It’s a great platform for us to understand what members think and feel about our progress and plans

The Member Panel:

  • Attend two Member Panel events each year.
  • Find out how we operate, our strategy and how we're performing.
  • Share their feedback on our products and services
  • Challenge what we do and how we do things
  • Join in discussions and debates.


From time to time we look for new members to join this group. If you’re a member and would like to apply to join the LV= Member Panel please complete an application form.