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What could you afford?

In two minds about protection? Take a closer look at the facts.

LV= Heart

It's never too late for protection

If you’ve just started a family, bought a new home or the kids are costing you a small fortune, it’s all too easy to think that protection is a luxury you can’t afford.

Or maybe you've got a bit of money put aside or you’re young and full of energy, and never been healthier.

It’s easy to talk yourself out of protection or put it off until tomorrow. But if you consider the facts you’ll see there’s no better time to give our experts a call than today.

So if you think...

The state will help...

The state may help a bit - but not enough and not for long.

The good news is that the state will give you £89.35* a week for up to 28 weeks if you can't work due to ill health.

Not everyone is eligible for Statutory Sick Pay - it's only available for people who are employed and Tax and National Insurance are still deducted from your payments. For full details on the state benefits available to you, go to

The bad news is that the average UK family spends £56.80** a week (in 2016) on food and non-alcoholic drinks alone.

That doesn't leave much for all the other monthly expenses.

Weekly budget

**ONS, March 2016

Protection is expensive...

But if you’re not bringing home the bacon, how long will your savings last?

Even large amounts of savings can vanish in a matter of weeks if you lose your income.

And that would be even more painful if you’d hoped to spend that money on the good things in life like a new car or holiday.

With the average family spending £528.90 a week* and only having £1,250 in savings** things can get desperate in less than six weeks.

A big piggy bank

Week 1.5

A three quarter size piggy bank

Week 3

A half size piggy bank

Week 4.5

A quarter size piggy bank

Week 6

*ONS, March 2016
**L&G Deadline to Breadline to report, 2014.

Policies don't pay out...

LV= Protection that pays.

At LV= we always aim to pay claims where we have had a full medical history disclosure. Usually the only claims we cannot pay are where we have insured someone without full knowledge of a relevant medical condition.

But we go to exceptional lengths to try and prevent this from happening.

Your LV= expert will guide you through the application process and do everything possible to make sure all your details are correct.

It’s an approach that gives you peace of mind and us a claims record to be proud of.

In 2016 we paid:


of all our Income Protection claims


of all our life protection death claims


of all our Critical Illness cover claims


of all our Over 50s Life insurance claims

LV= just insure cars...

We were insuring people’s lives long before the car was invented.

It’s true that we’re well known for insuring cars, homes and even pets. And we’re very good at it.

But it was actually insuring people that made us famous. It’s how we started way back when Queen Victoria was on the throne.

And since then we have become one of the UK’s largest mutuals with an enviable reputation for putting customers first.

So if you’re thinking about protection, talk to the experts, talk to LV=.

You’ll find yourself in good company. Just under

1.1 million Life Members

depend on us.

*As of May 2017.

We're here to help

Will writing

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Make sure that your property and possessions go to your family and loved ones by writing a Will.

Protection, understanding the basics

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Take a crash course in protection and tune in to our Protection TV. We'll talk you through all the ins and outs.

Talk to an expert

Our UK Protection team are here to help:


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TextDirect: 18001 0800 202 8131

9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

We may record and / or monitor calls for training and audit purposes.

We offer a range of the protection, pension, annuity and investment products from the Liverpool Victoria group of companies.

We also offer protection, annuity and investment products from a limited number of other companies.