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Trustbuilder disclaimer

Welcome to the LV= Trustbuilder – our simple solution to putting your personal protection policies into trust.

By setting up a trust you can be certain that, if you die during the term of your life cover, it will quickly be paid to the people who need it. Your life cover won’t normally be included in your estate for inheritance tax purposes.

We’ll ask you a few questions about your circumstances, and who you want your life cover to be paid to if you die. Your answers will help determine which of the trusts we offer (the fixed trust or the flexible trust) best matches your circumstances.

You’ll complete the form online, and get a completed trust deed to print out. You and the trustees will need to sign the document, and have your signatures witnessed by an independent third party. All you need to do then is send it in to us, so that we can update our records..

You shouldn’t use our Trustbuilder if you have a complex family life. Our fixed trust and flexible trust are both basic forms of trust, for use with life cover policies only. It’s up to you to decide if the trust selected by the LV= Trustbuilder is right for you. If you need advice on the type of trust that’s right for you, how best to set it up or the tax implications of doing so, you should speak to your solicitor.

How LV= uses your personal information logo

Any information that you enter into our Trustbuilder system is only used to create your client's trust deed. Once the trust deed has been created for you, the information you’ve entered will be deleted from our records and systems. We’ll only record the details on our systems once you have sent the fully completed, signed deed back to us. So it’s important for you to tell anyone whose details you’ve entered, and named on the trust deed that this will be happening.

More on how LV= uses your personal information

Please note if you have a life cover policy, and also have a waiver of premium policy – then it’s only the life policy that can be placed in trust. Waiver of premium policies can’t be placed in trust.

I have read the Trustbuilder information and I agree that it’s up to me to decide if the trust selected is suitable. I am aware that if I’m in any doubt at all that I should seek financial advice

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