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Love Life

With so much focus on bad news we thought we'd try and cheer you up by focusing on the good stuff. See our articles below and we hope to cheer up your day.

love life

Your Money

What's the best way to tackle big subjects such as your personal finances, childcare, gender equality and the all-important work/life balance? Read on for interesting survey findings, opinion pieces, news and views on all things work and money related.

A family gathered around a board game

The Game of Modern Living: financial planning made fun

Download, print and play the LV= game that helps make financial planning a whole lot more bearable.

Boy playing with a piggy bank

Investing in the future: teaching kids the value of money

Knowing how to handle money is an essential life skill- but how can you pass these skills on to your children?

Boy in a baseball cap talking about money

Kids say - where does money come from?

We asked our kids what they spend their pocket money on, or what they would buy with £1million, their answers were wonderfully creative!

A father on his laptop while his daughter scribbles in a book

Get ahead of financial planning with the family finance checklist

Tick off the family finance to-do list with this handy infographic. From new arrival to new graduate, it guides you through the key moments to ensure you’re the ultimate prepared parent.

Homemaker | The happiest job in the UK.

LV= Home Truths Index

According to our latest research, homemakers are happier than people working in any other occupation. Find out why.

Newly wed couple

Life moments – planning for your marriage

Getting married is one of the most important milestones in our lives. Our budgeting guide can help you plan the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

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