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A New Year's resolution list

Posted 28 November 2016

Find your perfect New Year's resolution with our decision flowchart

Can't decide on your resolution for 2017? Don't worry: our decision tree will guide you to the choice that fits your needs.

In 2015, 63% of UK adults who made a resolution failed to keep it, according to a Bupa/ComRes poll [1]. The same percentage of all UK adults (63%), not just those who made a New Year’s resolution in 2015, have broken one in the past.

To help you kick off 2017 in the best possible way, we’ve created a decision flowchart with some of the more common resolutions – and a few you might not have considered. And underneath we’ve got links to some handy articles that could help you to stick to whichever resolution you land on.

What should your New Year's resolution be?

Find the perfect New Year's resolution for you with our decision tree

New Year's resolution decision flowchart infographic image

We’ve got links to some handy articles that could help you to keep whichever resolution you land on.

Challenge yourself with something new

Whether it’s a new skill, a sport or a big goal you set your sights on, that challenge you’ve been meaning to tackle could be what makes 2017 special.

Go on your dream solo holiday

Never holidayed alone before? Maybe it’s time to find yourself with a journey into the unknown. Our guide to solo holidaying can help you to stay on the right track.

Start a weekly tradition with friends or family

If you struggle to carve out some time to be sociable, set a date every week when you put aside an hour or so. Whether you’re playing games with friends or eating a family meal, spending a little time with those closest to you is definitely a habit worth forming.

Read our article for some tips on improving your work-life balance.

Work out your gym routine

Among the respondents to a recent YouGov poll, losing weight and getting fit are the two most common resolutions [1]. Why not ask your friends if anyone has the same resolution and create an exercise regime together?

If breaking a bad habit will help, read our three case studies of people who quit something in Stoptober.

Improve your mindfulness

Mindfulness is quite a broad term, so make sure it works for you – whether that’s breathing exercises, meditation, a combination or something else.

Our seven ways to improve your focus and reduce stress article could help you narrow down on what will broaden your mind.

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