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Love Life

With so much focus on bad news we thought we'd try and cheer you up by focusing on the good stuff. See our articles below and we hope to cheer up your day.

love life


Our guide to renting, owning a home, and other fundamental areas of life.

Life Insurance weight of worry calculator

Weight of worry calculator

- Do your worries weigh as much as a feather or a grizzly bear? The LV= Weight of worry calculator can help you see how much your worries are weighing you down.

A New Year's resolution list

Find your perfect New Year’s resolution with our decision flowchart

Can’t decide on your resolution for 2017? Don’t worry: our decision flowchart will guide you to the choice that fits your needs.

A lady holds up a birthday cake with a '30' candle to her friends

The new yuppies and yuccies: which 30-something tribe are you in?

The media love getting their teeth into a new acronym to fit cultural trends into neat little boxes.

Christmas apples decorations

5 top tips for a healthy, happy Christmas

With temptation all around us at Christmas time, our calorie intake can be excessive and it's not just Christmas Day we have to contend with.

Persian Carrot Cake

Three healthy baking ideas full of seasonal goodies

Food and travel writer Georgina Ingham shares three delicious baking recipes that include garden-grown elements – so you can bake your own farm-to-table (or garden-to-table) goodies!

An over 50 couple, with their grandkids, dog and a member of the LV= legal team stand behind the LV= heart

Take the LV 'Surround Yourself' quiz

We've conducted a survey to find out what people in Great Britain choose in pursuit of happiness – so how do you compare?

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