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With so much focus on bad news we thought we'd try and cheer you up by focusing on the good stuff. See our articles below and we hope to cheer up your day.

love life

What is Pokémon Go?

Thursday 14 July 2016

The newest summer craze is a new mobile game in which your aim is to collect virtual Pokémon at real world locations and use them to battle other players at specific places. It’s currently very popular and it’s very common to see players at all times wandering the streets and calling out when they capture the ‘rare Pokémon’.

Why Pokémon Go?

Unlike some games that have you sitting in front of the Television, Pokémon Go is a game that needs you to get out of the house and explore. This has health benefits; physical and some people have claimed it has mental benefits as well.

Even if you’ve never been into games, it’s worth understanding what your children are up to and perhaps join in. You might even discover some landmarks in your area you never knew about!

Getting started

We recommend that you and your family are properly prepped for your journey.

  1. If you think you’ll be out for a while, make sure you take a drink with you.
  2. At night, make sure you can be seen and don’t go anywhere you think might be dangerous alone.
  3. On a bike, make sure you have the right safety equipment on you.
  4. Take a battery pack with you so you'll have enough power for your trip.

What is Pokémon?

Hypo battle in the high street

Pokémon (short for pocket monsters) is a game franchise which launched on the original Gameboy to instant fame. You play as a trainer, exploring the world to capture Pokémon to battle with other trainers to win the game. Since then, it’s been going from strength to strength, with new games, trading cards with even TV & films released.

Tips and tricks

  1. The game will tell you what Pokémon can be found in an area, and if they’re near or far.
  2. Lures and incense can help attract Pokémon to you without doing too much travelling.
  3. When capturing Pokémon, aim for the ball to land in the centre of the circle when it’s at its smallest for the best chance of success.
  4. Catch everything you can because you’ll get items needed to enhance or evolve your Pokémon – and it will also level up your trainer.
  5. Pokémon strength is shown by its CP (combat power), which can be increased by evolving or powering them up using resources.


Pokémon Go is a great way of getting exercise, for you or your children. However, it’s worth thinking of some of the potential pitfalls you can avoid.

Look where you’re going

It’s very tempting to keep your eyes glued to the screen when tracking Pokémon but this can cause accidents from simply bumping into objects, people, or worse!

Fortunately, the game will tell you if something is close by through sound and vibration. This means you can pay attention to your surroundings and still stop to get those Pokémon.

And lastly, don’t play while driving!

Safety in numbers

The chase for an elusive Pokémon could take you or your children to areas that may not be safe, or separated from people that could help. It’s important to remember that it is just a game! Finding friends and going around in a group can help with safety, and there are in-game benefits too.

Be careful who you talk to

More important for younger players, be beware of strangers and keep yourself safe. Look for potential dangers including suspicious behaviour. The NSPCC has a helpful guide on how you can keep your children safe away from home.

young people in a group playing pokemon go

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