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love life

Kids say - what superpower would you have?

Thursday 26 June 2016

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

We asked our kids; if they could have a superpower, what would they choose? We think that a child’s ideal super power is likely to be vastly different to that of a parent, don’t you?


Question on screen: What superpower would you have?

I want to fly!

Being transportable.

Being invisible.

To be amazing at football (laughs) I could boot people in the face with a volley!

It would be to fly and have laser beams and be like batman so I can have a batarang.

Be really fast and throw things and hide.

Getting people with nets.

Frost, frost that baddies hate.

To shoot ice.

Mine would be fire.

Invisibility that you can turn on and off.

Ice powers.

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As a parent of course we encourage our children to achieve everything they dream of, but for those powers you just can’t help with; like invisibility, flying or shooting frost - we may need to think outside of their brilliantly inventive box.

Unfortunately we don’t have superpowers as such, so how would you protect your children if something happened to you?

At LV= we pride ourselves on treating people like family, so we know the importance of protecting the ones you love. LV= Life Insurance makes sure that your family are financially at ease when you are no longer around. Now that’s a super power.

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