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Work 'gets in the way' of quality family time

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Work 'gets in the way' of quality family time

The modern life is a busy one. While once it was assumed that female breadwinners would change the dynamic of the family insofar as male partners taking up more responsibility in the home, in some instances, that hasn't been the case.

Nowadays it is normal for both to be busy within their demanding jobs, up in the early hours of the morning and back home late in the evening, ready for it all to start again the next day.

This has certainly changed the way families engage and spend time with one another, as a new, collaborative study has found.

According to Virgin Holidays and Universal Orlando Resort, the average family now enjoys less than eight hours of quality time with one another a week.

It is no surprise to find then, that the number one reason for this is down to mums and dads working long hours, followed by evenings and weekends dedicated to chores.

"Families are busier than ever with parents working, children at school and the evening and weekends taken up with a host of clubs, sports and play dates with friends," commented a spokesman for Virgin Holidays.

The average British family will enjoy only 36 minutes a day together during the week, with school routines, evening clubs and late finishes at work denying them valuable time together.

Other reasons cited for too little time together included mums and dads working anti-social hours, children spending their evenings out with friends or studying,and youngsters being at an age where it's 'uncool' to be hanging out with parents.

"The pace of modern life can too often mean that multiple generations of families spending time together is the exception, rather than the rule," said the Virgin Holidays spokesman.

"And when it does happen it’s often an occasion requiring everyone to behave in a certain way. With the summer holidays looming though, we’d urge families to see it as a time to re-establish bonds and create some really precious memories."

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