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love life

Finding love 'on trains'

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finding love 'on trains'

The daily commute for travellers who are not in a relationship could be transformed forever if plans go ahead for so-called "love trains".

Ropid, a transport company in Prague, has revealed that it is looking to introduce a train carriage that is dedicated to single people in the city to help them find their soul mates.

"In the metro you can already read and learn, so why not find a partner?" said Filip Drapal, a spokesperson for Ropid.

"We want to make life more pleasant. People today have no time to meet. We do not know yet whether the dating car will be the last carriage on each train and whether it will work day a week or one an hour. We need to do some fine tuning."

A consultation is currently underway, with the metro system gathering the opinions of people of all ages to see whether this is a feasible idea, and if so, whether it would be geared towards certain demographics.

If it goes ahead, it will certainly be one of the most innovative match-making services around, focused on helping busy people find the love of their lives.

It will definitely change the meaning of the daily commute, as most people tend to not socialise with one another. Many will catch up on reading, listen to music, watch a movie or use the time to get some extra work done.

However, not everyone is convinced that this service will be successful. Alex Weaver, a writer at BostInno who uses the train to get to and from work, said that it is impossible to meet something this way.

"We are tired in the morning, burdened with a day's worth of work waiting just ahead," he explained.

He likened riding on a train or tram as being a place where you potentially exchange a few "brief niceties", but nothing of any substantial value.

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