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Easy Easter activities for your kids

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

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Easter family time

Easter is almost here, giving families across the UK a chance to indulge in some chocolate treats and spend some time together.

With Friday (April 3rd) and Monday (April 6th) being bank holidays, it gives you a weekend that is twice as long, allowing you to do some fun things with your children.

Not only will this give you some quality time with them, it also means you'll be able to keep them occupied. To do this without breaking the bank, here are a few Easter-themed activities that will help you all have fun:

Easter egg hunt

This is a classic for a reason and can be done either inside or outside. You don't even need to have small chocolate eggs to create a hunt, as you can do it with the standard eggs in your fridge.

Before you hide your eggs, you can have everyone help you paint them in bright colours - this won't affect them so you can cook them later. They can either paint whatever they want or you have each hunter paint their eggs in a specific colour so they have to find all of their own eggs.

Once decorated, hide the eggs around the house or in the garden, making a note of where they all are.

Everyone can then head out and find as many eggs as they can or all of the eggs in their colour. The person who gets the most or collects all their eggs first can then get a prize.

Chocolate egg decorating

You've probably got your little ones a chocolate egg for them to enjoy on Easter Sunday, but why not have them make their eggs a little more interesting?

You can use icing and sweets to make chocolate eggs more interesting and include a few more sweet treats. Either mix up your own icing with sugar, water and food colouring, or you can get icing pens that are easier for your children to use than piping bags.

Set up the eggs so they won't move around - simply popping them on top of a mug can help - and then let your children decorate them.

This is a great activity for Saturday, as the decorations will be able to set before everyone tucks into their eggs on Sunday.

If you want to get really creative, you can also make your own Easter eggs using melted chocolate and moulds.

Easter bonnet

There's probably a time where you had to make an Easter bonnet, whether at school or if you were a member of a children's club. While this may not be as common as it once was, it is a fun and arty activity for your children.

You just need card, colouring pencils, glue sticks, tape, scissors - make sure you do any cutting - and any other bits and pieces for decorating. Your children can either make a hat from scratch or decorate some that you already have to hand.

They can choose colours and draw on paper and card to create their very own Easter bonnet. This is sure to create some great photo opportunities as well as helping to stretch their creative abilities.

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