Keeping healthy during winter lockdown

Winter can be a challenging time for staying healthy. Colds and flu are circulating, we start to crave comfort food and the darker evenings (and bad weather!) can impact how we’re feeling.

The pandemic adds an extra complexity this winter. Now that we’re facing another lockdown, it’s really important that we’re looking after ourselves as much as we can.

Keeping well physically

Many people can feel tired and sluggish during winter. This is due to the lack of sunlight, which disrupts our sleep and waking cycles.

Here are some tips on how to beat tiredness:

  • Get outdoors - whilst we must all follow government restrictions it’s important to get outdoors in natural daylight as much as possible, even if it’s just for a walk around your garden. It’s fantastic to do this first thing in the morning.
  • Get a good night's sleep – try going to bed and waking up at the same time every day as this can help with a sleep routine. Also, try to switch off all modern technology (tablets, phones, laptops) 90 minutes before bed.
  • De-stress with exercise or meditation – stress can make you feel tired. If you find meditation difficult you could try breathing exercises. The more stressed you feel, the faster you breathe. Your brain will notice you doing this and read it as a signal that things aren’t going well. But the reverse of this rule is also true: if you breathe slowly, you’re giving your brain a signal that you’re in a place of calm and you will start to feel less stressed.

Keep active. Whether it’s a walk, a bike ride or even a run, the fresh air and moving your body will help with feeling healthier through winter. With much of the UK still working at home, it’s even more important to keep moving. 
Remember to stay hydrated, It’s easy to forget to drink lots of water in the cooler months. But drinking plenty will help you feel awake, reduce headaches and flush any bugs or infections out of your system.

Keeping well mentally

It’s been almost ten months since the first lockdown began and many of us have been working from home for all of that time. Working from home can make finding a good work-life balance challenging. 

If you can, try and be flexible with your working hours. Give yourself time for a lunch break and make the most of the daylight. Enjoying that little bit of extra daylight could make all the difference to your mood and productivity. If you can’t do this, try and get fresh air in the breaks you do take.

Connect with family. Even with the highest level of restrictions we can still connect with anyone, anytime and anywhere virtually. Picking up the phone or video calling family and friends can help to boost your mood (and theirs!) and help you feel connected. You could even reignite those weekly virtual quizzes!

Support for members

Members with with a protection, investment or retirement product have access to our Health e-Hub. This is a one stop shop for living a happier, healthier and more content life. 

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