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Wondering what to leave behind?

Wanting to provide a helping hand for your loved ones?

Even if the children may have flown the nest it's nice to be generous to those you love.

Wondering what to leave behind

It's never too late for protection

How would it affect your retirement or family if anything happened to you?

  • Could your partner manage in later life without you?
  • How would not being able to work due to ill health affect your retirement plans?
  • Would you have enough set aside to pay for your funeral costs?
  • Would you leave your family the burden of your debts?
  • Would you be able to leave a gift for your grandchildren?

Putting in place a plan for when you’ve gone will make dealing with your loss much easier for your loved ones (subject to upper age limit on application).

It will mean that you can enjoy your retirement knowing that you’ve done everything possible to take care of your affairs and family.

Protecting your loved ones

This is that time of life when you’re a bit more secure, it’s likely that your children have left home and your mortgage is shrinking.

However, it could still be financially tough on your partner or your family if anything should happen to you. But with the right protection in place you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

So what might your protection priority be?

To ensure your family doesn't struggle financially after you die. A Life Insurance policy would provide a lump sum to pay off debts or leave a legacy for your loved ones.

To guarantee a lump sum that can be used to cover the cost of your funeral, pay off your debts or leave a gift for loved ones.

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We offer a range of the protection, pension, annuity and investment products from the Liverpool Victoria group of companies.

We also offer protection, annuity and investment products from a limited number of other companies.

Will writing

Will writing

Make sure that your property and possessions go to your family and loved ones by writing a Will.


Do you want to ensure a better future for your grandchildren?