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Raising a family?

It can cost considerably more than you would expect

As the kids get bigger so do your financial commitments.

Raising a family

It pays to do some grown up thinking

You’d still want the very best for your family, but could you still give it to them if you were unable to work or one of you died unexpectedly?

  • Would you be able to keep the roof over your head?
  • Would the family be able to maintain its lifestyle?
  • If you had to downsize would the kids be able to remain at their school, or face upheaval?
  • If one of you became seriously ill, would the other be able to work and still do the school run?
  • If you needed extra childcare and care for one of you, how would you pay for it?

Secure your financial future

At this time in your life stability for the family is never more important. The mortgage has probably never been bigger and the kids are settled in schools and facing exams.

The last thing the family needs after a tragedy is financial uncertainty and possible upheaval.

So don’t just think about covering the breadwinner – think about the valuable role of the stay-at-home parent. The cost of a mum to take on all those tasks is nearly £30,000 a year*.

* Value of a parent research Legal and General 2015.

The cost of raising children is growing

Our latest research shows that in the UK the cost of raising a child to the age of 21 is now, on average, £231,843**. That makes the growing-up cost for a family of four seriously scary and doesn't even count the rent or mortgage, the council tax or the income you might lose by not working in order to look after the kids.

** Cost of a child 2016 Research. LV=.

So what might your protection priority be?

To make sure your mortgage is paid off should you die.

To cover your mortgage and provide for your family if you become too ill to work.

Talk to an expert

Our UK Protection team are here to help:


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9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

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Protecting your family

Looking to protect your family and their lifestyle?