Why get critical illness insurance?

Why get critical illness insurance?


Critical illness insurance is designed to provide a lump sum if you were to suffer one of the illnesses covered in the policy, which can help to cover any expenses that may arise as a result, or however you wish to spend the money. The definition of a critical illness varies between insurance companies. With LV=, a critical illness is a serious illness or condition that is normally survivable, may require continuous treatment, and could result in a diminished ability to work. See the LV= current list of critical illnesses.

Why Critical illness cover?

As with life insurance, making a will and planning your funeral, it's natural to put off thinking about something you don't want to happen. But also as with life insurance, it makes sense to plan for the future.

A serious illness can have serious and life-changing effects and critical illness insurance from LV= could help relieve financial pressures and give you and your family peace of mind.

If you suffered a critical illness it might affect your ability to work, pay your mortgage or make any necessary to make alterations to your home (such as wheelchair access). Could you afford to hire in help? Could you afford to repay any bank loans or credit cards? It makes sense to safeguard yourself and your family with cover.

With LV= Life and Critical Illness insurance, you get:

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