Life Insurance With Critical Illness FAQ's

Life insurance for young people

Young, healthy people are more likely to be considered low risk and therefore should pay lower life and critical illness premiums – although extreme sports may raise your premium!

If you're young, you'll hopefully have a long life ahead of you, but the main reason for thinking about life insurance and critical illness applies no matter how old you are, and that is who would lose out financially if you died or became critically ill?

Do I need life and critical illness cover?

Although it's unlikely you have dependents at a young age, there may be other family members that you help to support.

For example, you may:

  • still live with your parents, who are financially dependent on your earnings or have an ageing relative who you help
  • have other loved ones that you want to help
  • have a business to consider
  • have to pay for care
  • have to pay to adapt your accommodation in the event of a critical illness

Also, at the start of your working life, you probably have relatively small savings and only limited pension benefits. Would these be enough to provide for those left behind, especially in times of rising costs?

Premiums from £5 a month

Our policies will pay out a lump sum to help support your family and repay any debts if you die or have one of the critical illnesses covered by our policy during the life and critical illness insurance term.

With most of your working life ahead of you, it's worth thinking about income protection. Our income protection plan can help provide a regular income if you can't work due to accident or sickness – and, when you start thinking about setting up a home, we've protection options for you and your family.

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