Life Insurance with Critical Illness FAQ's

Life insurance and smoking

The way we work out how much people need to pay for life or critical illness insurance is based on risk and life expectancy. Smokers have a higher risk of poor health and shorter life because of the links between smoking and some life-threatening diseases. This means the cost of these types of insurance is higher for smokers than for non-smokers. 

We want you to live a healthy and happy life. So if you do smoke, why not take this opportunity to think about quitting? We know it’s not an easy thing to give up, and you might want to try nicotine replacements such as gum, patches, vaping, or prescription medication to help beat the cravings. 

While binning the cigarettes (or cigars, or pipe) will help you feel better in the long run, please remember that replacing smoking with an alternative nicotine source won’t reduce the amount you pay for your life or critical illness insurance right now. You’ll need to have stopped using nicotine products completely for at least 12 months before we can consider you a non-smoker, but it will be worth it! 

Across the industry, the majority of claims are paid, but a small number aren’t, and this may be due to withheld medical information. So please make sure you are completely honest about your medical information - including your smoking history when you apply for (or update) your insurance.

Useful resources to help you stop smoking

  • Call the NHS helpline 0800 169 0169 for information about local support groups
  • Ask your doctor to explain what options are available to help you quit
  • Use our Doctor’s Services app to get help and advice about stopping smoking

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