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Children's Critical Illness cover

No one ever wants to imagine their child becoming critically ill or suffering a serious accident. But sadly, it does happen.                                                                                                                                      

Our Children’s Cover is added to your policy automatically and at no additional cost. If you don’t have children now, they’ll still be covered if you do have a family in the future. Our cover includes:

  • A payment of 50% of the cover from the main policy, up to a maximum of £25,000
  • We'll pay more if your child has an illness or accident covered by one of the ten conditions we cover (see the critical illnesses covered)
  • We'll also pay an increased payment for major organ, liver failure or severe lung disease up to £50,000, if it meets our definition for one of the full payment conditions (see the critical illnesses covered)
  • We don't have a 14 day survival period needed to claim, unlike most other insurance companies
  • Children are covered for all conditions on the main policy, except our additional payment for diabetes type 1
  • We'll pay £1,000 if your child is diagnosed with one of the cancers and treatment covered by this policy, when we receive evidence of their cancer diagnosis
  • Cover from birth until your child’s 23rd birthday, where they can then activate our Junior Option allowing them to start their own policy without having to go through medical underwriting
  • Cover for conditions present at birth
  • We'll pay £5,000 towards a funeral for any child covered under our main policy (in addition to any payment made for one of the listed children's critical illness conditions)

Important information

Important information about our Children's Critical Illness cover

We won’t pay a claim for children’s cover if;

  • You were aware of an increased risk of your child suffering a critical illness before the start of the policy (for example you had received medical advice or counselling in relation to the critical illness); or
  • symptoms relating to the critical illness had arisen before the start of your policy

Also we will not pay a claim if the critical illness your child has been diagnosed with, or the reason they need to have an operation is caused by any of the following;

  • Intentional self-inflicted injury
  • Alcohol or solvent abuse
  • The taking of drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor)
  • Unreasonable failure to follow medical advice
  • We will not pay a child funeral payment if the cause of death is stillbirth.

Your child will be unable to use the Junior option if we have already paid a critical illness claim for that child under any policy held with us. This option must be taken within 6 months of their 23rd birthday.

Under the Junior option each child can take up to half the cover of their parent’s policy, although this can’t be more than £25,000. If the parents have more than one policy the absolute most a child can take is £50,000 combined,

With LV=, all children are covered including step children and legally adopted children. If you make a claim for children’s cover the main policy remains in full.

Please read the policy summary and policy conditions to help you understand the full features of this product.

The information given in these pages should not be seen as advice to take out this plan so if you're happy that the product meets your needs you can apply online, or over the phone through LifeSearch.

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