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Meet Dave

Dave is a 34 year old single dad, he’s self-employed and worried about what would happen if he were unable to work.

Age: 34

Hobbies: Seeing his son

Concerns: Losing his income

Dave’s Insurance Story

Dave is a 34 year old single dad who currently works as the chief mechanic at the garage that he owns. He’s self-employed, so he chooses hours that suit him and fit around being able to visit his 11 year old son Alex who lives with his Mum.

He’s quite well off as business at the garage is booming, however that’s dependent on him working hard and putting in the hours. He recently had a bout of sickness where he was unable to work for just under two weeks, and his income suffered for that month, meaning he was unable to go out and treat Alex as he normally would.

Although it was only a stomach bug Dave was off sick with, it’s made him worry that anything more serious resulting in time away from work could have serious financial implications.

  • Currently Dave would receive no income if he was off sick, meaning he would not be able to pay for basic household expenses.
  • With no monthly income Dave would struggle to afford to see his son, the travel costs alone mount up on a weekly basis.
  • He would also struggle to pay his mortgage.

Dave's cover considerations

A home with a padlock on it


A range of products designed to help pay for the mortgage if you’re unable to work.

A stack of coins protection by an umbrella


Protection against loss of income if you’re unable to work because of an accident or sickness.

Dave was unsure on which protection product would best suit his needs, as he had a few different considerations to take into account. He decided to speak to a LifeSearch adviser, who after running through his circumstances was able to make a recommendation on the product best suited to meet his needs.

Do you need help? Talk to an adviser

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