Community spirit – lockdown or not, just say ‘Hello’

3 minutes

Since we were asked to stay at home, life is certainly not what it was. But despite the daily struggle, and coming to terms with the new normal, community spirit can, does and will live on.

Community spirit is widely perceived to be a British institution – from joining together in street parties to supporting local charities. A couple of years ago we did some research into what builds a strong community spirit. We looked back and think the results are as relevant today as they’ve ever been. It’s the simplest gestures that go a long way.


We found that a third of Brits (33%*) said the way to a stronger society was just to say a simple 'Hello' to a neighbour.


There’s no doubt that during lockdown many of us have gone out each Thursday at 8pm to ‘Clap for our Carers’. Perhaps some have said ‘thank you’ to their postie, refuse collectors or people delivering parcels. There are so many out there keeping us going.

Community spirit differs from area to area. But, one thing that is constant is people’s desire for others to speak to or at the very least acknowledge them. If people are happier in their neighbourhoods, this will carry through to other aspects of their daily lives.

Many of these things can’t be fixed right now and may take a long time to recover. But one thing is true and within our power. We can take simple steps to create a sense of unity. After all, we’re in this together. Start with ‘Hello’.

Top 10 things that improve community spirit:

  1. People saying 'hello' to each other
  2. People picking up their dog’s mess
  3. Less littering
  4. More activities for young people
  5. More places to socialise
  6. Lower crime rates
  7. Better local services
  8. More local jobs
  9. A good pub
  10. More support for local businesses



*LV= commissioned Censuswide to speak to 2,500 members of the public with at least 100 in each region in the UK between 25th April and 3rd May 2018

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