A brighter tomorrow

3 minutes

Look forward to the good times again

For many people the Covid-19 pandemic has, and will be, life changing. We’re all doing our bit to defeat Covid-19 and keep the UK moving. Not since WW2 have we been so united in one cause. One thing is for certain, it’s a time we and the world will never forget.

The adjustments we’ve made to our normal lives have been nothing short of extraordinary, to protect ourselves, the people around us and the NHS. Not being able to leave the house, only giving friends and family a virtual hug and working from home with little ones at your feet. All the routine things we did before, and so naturally, were gone.

For some there are positive things to cherish and things we’ll continue to make time for. Movie nights with the kids, dinners around the kitchen table and home exercise we never got around to do.

We remind ourselves that the future will look bright again. So what has ‘lockdown’ given you the chance to look forward to?

  • Maybe you’ve decided to take the plunge and propose.
  • Planned the trip of a lifetime when planes take to the skies again.
  • Thought about down-sizing or up-sizing your home.
  • Started thinking about what you truly want from life and what you could give back to others; from small acts of kindness to passing on your knowledge and compassion.
  • Started to write the book you always had in your head.
  • Reached out to long-lost friends and made promises to reconnect properly when this is over.


Without the hustle and bustle of ‘normal’ life let's grab the chance to breathe, re-evaluate the future and plan for the good times again.

They’re just around the corner, you’ll see.

We're here for you today and tomorrow.

Visit our Covid-19 hub for useful information and details of extra support available to you.