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Employment Law

Provided by Lyons Davidson Solicitors

Sometimes, things go wrong at work and you may be left feeling unfairly treated or unfairly dismissed.

LV= Legal Services can help you resolve your employment issues with practical advice and representation.

What types of claims can you help me with?
Here you can find out more if you need help with grievance and disciplinary procedures as well as dismissal, redundancy and discrimination claims. You can be provided with representation at employment tribunals and help to negotiate an exit agreement from your employment.
What will happen and how long will it take?
Most employment claims must be made within three months. Here you can find examples of the different types of claims so you can get an idea on what might happen and the time it could take.

What are the costs?

You'll always be offered helpful guidance on how your claim can be funded.

Legal expenses insurance
You may have home insurance that will cover your legal costs.
Unions or other organisations
If you are a member of a union or another organisation, they may provide you with support and representation or pay for your legal costs.
Fixed price
There’s a range of services that offer you transparent, fixed prices.

Or call LV= Legal Services on:
0800 032 8644

8am - 9pm Monday to Friday
9am - 4pm Saturday
10am - 4pm Sunday
8am - 6pm Bank holidays
Calls may be recorded

LV= Legal Services can help you if...

I have a grievance at work
A grievance is a concern, problem or complaint raised by an employee with management and may relate to problems or concerns with colleagues, working conditions or the terms of your employment. Here you can find out about what raising a grievance involves, what you can do and how LV= Legal Services can help you.

More information about grievances
I've been dismissed from my job
It's usually clear if you've been dismissed, but sometimes it isn’t as clear as you might think. Several situations might lead to a dismissal, meaning you could possibly claim for compensation. Here you can find out about what claiming against a dismissal involves, what you can do and how LV= Legal Services can help you.

More information about dismissal
I'm being made redundant
Redundancy is one of the reasons why you could be dismissed from your employment and arises where an employer has a reduced need for their employees. Here you can find out about what redundancy involves, what you can do and how LV= Legal Services can help you.

More information about redundancy
I've been called for a disciplinary
Your employer is likely to have a disciplinary process in place to deal with a number of different scenarios that could occur in the workplace. This could be for absence, misconduct or performance issues. Here you can find out about the disciplinary process, what you can do and how LV= Legal Services can help you.

More information about the disciplinary process

LV= and Lyons Davidson have teamed up to provide you with a legal service you can trust and access to a helpful team seven days a week.

LV= Legal Services offer straightforward legal advice to help you resolve any employment law issues you may have. Call 0800 032 8644.

This information is provided to you by Lyons Davidson Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to provide legal services. Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited permits Lyons Davidson to use the LV= brand to provide those services.

Services provided by LV= Legal Services are currently only available in England and Wales.